Reading is important. It’s the primary way we learn, and it keeps your brain healthy. But not all people read equally. Learning to engage your whole brain while reading increases how you learn, deepens comprehension and helps you get ahead of the game. eyeQ helps you achieve these results fast!

eyeQ Increases Cognitive Performance & Unlocks Your Infinite Mind. We empower your ability to learn, process information and perform your life duties. eyeQ produces an immediate and measurable benefit that will truly optimize your potential.

Kirk got eyeQ for everyone in his family. All of them experienced the benefit of whole brain learning in different ways. At work, at school, and at home, eyeQ made a lasting impact on his family.


Kayla’s students were struggling. After getting them started on eyeQ, their reading scores and test performance greatly increased.

Reading and learning are important to JD, and he wanted to make it easier to do.

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