Deep Brain Stimulation
Activates Your Whole Brain

Infinite Mind promotes more holistic brain activity in everyday functions.

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Deep Brain Stimulation
Activates Your Whole Brain

Infinite Mind promotes more holistic brain activity in everyday functions.

Typically, you read with one section of your brain. Subjects in this study read a passage before and after using Infinite Mind. The fMRI results show that using Infinite Mind increased the function of their brains by 15x.

Why Deep Brain
Stimulation Works

Better Than Average

The average human only uses small fractions of their brain at a time.

Train Your Brain to Work Together

Infinite Mind incorporates exercises that engage all parts of your brain, training them to work together on tasks.

Improve Comprehension

When your brain works holistically, you experience increased intelligence and more productive thinking.

Deep Brain Stimulation
Changes the Way you Read

Reading with your entire brain improves reading skills, memory, focus, and recall.

  • Users report higher scores in reading and standardized testing and improved mental performance in day-to-day life.
  • The earlier students begin reading with confidence and can master test-taking, the greater their chance of succeeding in academics and life.

Deep Brain Stimulation Trains Your Brain to Work Better While You’re Reading

Increase Reading Speed and Comprehension

Training with deep brain stimulation engages more of your brain so you can recall and process information faster. In a study conducted at Brigham Young University, students improved reading speed and comprehension after six weeks of training with the Infinite Mind program.

Reading Speed nearly tripled from 308 wpm to 895 wpm.

Reading Comprehension increased 65%.

Training the Brains of
Over 2,000,000 Users

Infinite Mind increased my field of vision in my everyday life. Not to mention my reading speed tripled, and I only spent about 30 minutes practicing Infinite Mind techniques outside of class per week!

BJ Lamarche, BYU student

I liked this course because it taught me more than just looking for keywords. It actually strengthens my eye muscles. I have felt that and can actually see more of the page now. I was impressed when I found out I could read over 5 ½ times my speed.

R. A. White, BYU student

I was the kid who had to leave the class for extra reading help. I saw the Infinite Mind commercial, and I bought the product immediately. I couldn’t believe the results. I am starting my junior year with a 3.7 GPA and even made the Dean’s List.

Robert Benson, student