Why Am I Here

You have likely been redirected to this page from one of our enterprise applications, eyeQ or the Orders page. Unfortunately, the browser you are currently using is incompatible with the modern features and functionality of our online software services. To continue to use an incompatible browser with eyeQ would be detrimental to effective training and exercises as well as possibly introducing errors and false scores. Therefore, we’d like to urge you to upgrade your current browser version or install another modern browser.


In A Nutshell

Infinite Mind’s eyeQ related websites have been tested in the latest versions of both Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, but will also work with other current major browsers. For the best website experience, we recommend you use the latest version of your preferred browser. It’s usually quick and easy to update your browser, and virtually all web sites you visit will be best viewed with the latest browser versions.

Below are links to download the latest version of browsers that can be used with this site…

Google Chrome for Windows, Macintosh or Linux

Mozilla Firefox for Windows, Macintosh or Linux

Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows


So, Why You Need to Update Your Browsers?


1. Website Compatibility

Just like software, new website technologies are often only supported by newer browsers. As businesses update their websites utilizing these new web technologies, older browsers will not function properly and may not be able to display parts of the website. For example, Gmail, YouTube, and Facebook have stopped supporting older versions of browsers. Therefore, if you aren’t running the latest version of your web browser, you’re probably missing out on some of the latest features.

Data on support for the es6 feature across the major browsers from caniuse.com

2. Security

A compromised web browser could make your personal information public. Personal information like emails, banking details, etc. can be stolen due to a web browser that is out of date and contains security vulnerabilities. Hackers are producing viruses a lightning speed so keeping your browser up to date limits your risk of attack.

Vulnerable browsers may also facilitate the download of spyware that can capture passwords, permit the download of key logging software, which could record and transmit any data that you type, or even turn your computer into a “bot” used to participate in “denial of service” attacks against other websites. Therefore it is important to not let your browser be the weak link in your efforts to secure your computer.


3. Browsing Experience

Newer browser versions are equipped with the resources that help improve the look and functionality of the website you’re visiting. Older browser versions do not perform these tasks with the same speed as newer browsers. This makes your experience on the web slower, and can sometimes cause your browser to crash.