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more brain activity

increase in reading speed


improvement in test scores


Train your Brain
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Improve Focus

Infinite Mind’s brain exercises can help train your brain to focus better on assignments, standardized tests, and other projects.


Practice Vision Therapy

With Infinite Mind, you can train your eyes to take in more information at once. This leads to increasing study effectiveness.


Stimulate Your Mind

Infinite Mind’s brain exercises will help to read, understand, and respond to test questions in a shorter time, with greater effectiveness.


Strengthen Your Brain

Our brain exercises give your brain a quick but powerful workout to help improve your mental capacity day after day.

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Train Your Brain with Exercises that Use
Scientifically Proven Strategies

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Your Brain, But Better

The brain typically utilizes a single section known as Broca’s Area for processing written language and auditory stimuli. The rest of the brain is not typically involved in reading. In fMRI studies using our brain exercises, activity was increased in all brain areas, including those responsible for reason, conceptual learning, memory, vision, and more.


increase in brain activity while reading


increase in test scores

Read Faster, Work Smarter

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Improved test scores for students

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Increased productivity for professionals

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Improved memory for seniors

Training the Brains of
Over 2,000,000 Users

One of the biggest challenges of information overload is the variety of media coming at you. The Infinite Mind program has paid for itself many times over in the amount of time that I have saved by accelerating my ability to process information.

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