Train your brain.Increase your performance. Improve your test scores.

  • Reduce amount of reading and study time
  • Increase performance on tests by up to 20%
  • Used by students in over 1,000 schools and universities
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What Makes eyeQ Different?

Proven Studies

No other speed reading program is backed by 40 years of scientific research.

Stimulate Entire Brain

It’s not about how fast you read. It’s about using your whole brain in everything you do.

Train on All Devices

You can train your brain and improve your reading skills from anywhere, on any device.

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Try Our 7-Minute Demo for Free!

You are about to experience the first session in the eyeQ speed reading program! During the eyeQ demo, you will experience our patented exercises. These techniques strengthen the eyes and improve the neuro-pathways in your brain. Scientific studies have shown that these exercises substantially increase brain activity. eyeQ will help you to improve your reading, comprehension, and memory. You will perform better if you relax while watching these high speed exercises.

For Education

We empower students and educators to higher levels of performance by enhancing students’ ability to read and process information.

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For Individual

Engage areas of your brain which process memory, conceptual learning, as well as the language center of the brain. This results in a deeper experience when reading, and better comprehension and retention.

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For Business

We augment business functionality by elevating human performance throughout your organization. Our solutions enhance employee performance, corporate culture, executive leadership with immediate and measurable results.

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