In a day and age full of funny cat videos and grammatically incorrect Facebook posts, it’s easy to be washed into the mainstream of adults with a ninth grade reading level. At face value, this may not seem like too much of a shock. However, studies show that if most people don’t understand something, they simple ignore it. What does this mean for you?

     Reading comprehension is important for many reasons, regardless of your niche or career. Not only does proper reading comprehension assist in standard job skills like paperwork, reports and basic communication, but it can showcase your effectiveness in other vital areas.

     Reading, whether it be classic American novels, online blog posts like this, or even your daily newspaper, is both an invaluable and versatile tool. Reading fiction helps us to understand human emotion, and use appropriate dialogue. In contrast, the consumption of newsy material like magazines and other timely publications, allow you to take in new information and become a lifetime learner. Even opinion pieces can help shape reasoning skills, and in a fierce world you need all the extra assistance you can find.

     With academia becoming more and more challenging, and the job market still competitive, you want to do everything in your power to be the most marketable person in the search. As much as years of internship, a good diploma, or that stellar resume say about your benefits as an employee, it’s all virtually useless in any sort of professional job if you can’t read the instruction manual to the office printer.

     As you’ve seen, reading comprehension is important in both the academic world and job market. A little work every day can help to hone your mind and peak your interests. The benefits are vast and can grow as you improve. If it all seems overwhelming, come try our patented eyeQ program for free today.