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Speed Reading and School

An average college student will be assigned more than 10 text books in their first year of college. Speed reading can help you get through all of the assigned reading in a fraction of the time. Is speed reading a real thing? There’s a lot of speculation as to whether or not speed [...]

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3 Books to Read (Quickly) Before They Become Movies in 2015

We’ve all heard the popular mantra that “the book is always better than the movie.” Well, if you have any intention of seeing some of the most anticipated films based on books in 2015, you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on these books and read them quickly before you see their film adaptations.

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3 Signs You Should Invest in Speed Reading

The average human being can read approximately 200-400 words per minute. For many, their individual reading speeds go unnoticed and is rarely thought about; however, for some, it is a source of anxiousness. Reading faster is a skill that can be learned, and it can greatly benefit peoples’ lives. Whether it’s being able to read more novels from the New York Times Bestseller List each year, move through important documents more quickly at work, or comprehend the material you need to know for a graduate or professional school entrance exam, developing the ability to speed read can make life much simpler. Here are three sure signs you should invest in speed reading:

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