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Did you know that better reading can increase your test scores by an average of 21% or more?

It can even help reduce the amount of time you need to spend studying. The eyeQ™ program is the #1 professor-recommended course to help you train your brain to increase your reading performance and enhancing your learning abilities.

eyeQ™ improves focus – because if you aren’t focused, your brain can’t retain information. In addition to relaxing, creating an organized environment, and getting enough sleep, there are several important steps you can take to speed up your reading.

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Stop Subvocalizing

Do you know at what speed you read? Most adults read at about 150-250 words per minute. The reason is, you are reading at the speed you speak. This happens because you subvocalize.

Subvocalization is saying each word in your head or under your breath as you read. This habit is one of the biggest hurdles to effective reading. Most people never even realize they are subvocalizing. It is learned from childhood, when you learn to read one word at a time, sounding each one out as you go. It becomes a powerful habit, albeit an ineffective one! With proper training, your brain is capable of reading much faster than you can speak – you just don’t know it! By overcoming subvocalization, you allow your brain to read at a faster, more efficient speed.

See Words in Groups

Since most of us have grown up subvocalizing as we read, our brains are trained to read words instead of seeing them. An important distinction – when reading words, you move through the text a single word at a time, reading it, thinking about what it means and saying it in your mind.

If you can train your brain to see and recognize words in an instant, you can be trained to see multiple words at once. Think of the experience of watching a movie; your brain absorbs music, movement, emotion, and sound simultaneously.

You can process all of this at one time, but when you are reading, you are slowing your brain down, making it focus on one word at a time. It’s boring and slow. Your brain craves stimulation. When you learn to see word groups, your brain can comprehend each word group simultaneously. Just by moving from a single word to two words at a time, you have already doubled the speed at which you can read!

Here’s a quick exercise to understand grouping:

  1. Take a ruler, and divide one page of a book into three different horizontal sections.
  2. Lightly use a pencil to separate each section.
  3. Take a moment to focus on the sections, one at a time, and try to see the group of words, instead of moving word-by-word.

This is a simple way to illustrate how you can re-train your brain to see groups of words instead of one word at a time. The eyeQ program provides unique software that automates this process for you, saving you time, headaches, and rulers.

Train Fluid Movement

Remember the example of how your brain processes all aspects of a movie simultaneously? Your brain is capable of processing over 1,000 pieces of information at one time. However, for most people, reading is much slower. When you are reading at 200 words per minute, your brain becomes bored and your mind wanders. You can easily become distracted if you are reading too slowly. This can happen when your eyes are moving inefficiently.

Close one eye and place your finger gently over your eyelid as you read. You can feel your eye taking tiny jumps (movements called saccades) as your brain takes small pictures of the words before moving on. Close your eye again, and with one finger over the eyelid, this time use your other hand to fluidly run one finger along the line you are trying to read, without stopping.

Did you notice a difference? Training your eyes to make more fluid movements can circumvent the habit of stopping at each word, effectively increasing your reading speed and decreasing the amount of stops within each sentence. You can learn more about reading like watching a movie in this video.

Increasing fluidity on your own can be difficult, which is why Infinite Mind developed eyeQ, a training program that speeds up the reading process. The course helps increase your reading stamina by retraining your brain and eye movements – exactly the same as training any other muscle by going to the gym.

Where most people fail is maintaining motivation and discipline. Think of eyeQ as a personal trainer who is speeding up the results timeline. You’ll see your reading move from a slow pace, one word at a time, to reading multiple words at a time, and effectively doubling or even tripling your reading speed.

I thought I was a fairly quick reader before, but I have noticed my reading speed has gone up since starting this program… Hopefully I can stay in the habit of taking a few minutes a day to just focus on one little exercise to increase my focus and my reading speed and comprehension.
J. Perry Student, CSU East Bay

Successful, Dramatic Change

Using the proven techniques in the eyeQ program, you can drastically improve your reading speed and comprehension. It can be difficult to set guidelines and set up consistent trainings sessions on your own. The eyeQ program’s step by step methodology is already being used in thousands of schools & universities around the globe, and you can use eyeQ right from the comfort of home. It’s time to empower your learning, by changing the way you read.

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