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  • Train on any device with an internet connection.

eyeQ® is Scientifically Proven to Increase Your Cognitive Performance

50% of all proceeds go to Soldiers of Hope, a non-profit organization committed to addressing the mental health needs of people of ages, and all walks of life.

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Yes. It Really Does Work.

My son has a learning disability, and was reading at a 6th grade level in 9th grade. We did eyeQ over the summer with him, and he’s now reading at a 9th grade level. I also went from reading about 200 words per minute to over 600 words per minute, while also enjoying increased comprehension levels.
Gary Prenevost , Mississauga, Ontario
I am a martial arts instructor who has been training for twenty years, and eyeQ has improved my training! The mental acuity, expanded peripheral field of vision, and enhanced focus improve my life as a whole. I now recommend eyeQ without hesitation to anyone I think might benefit or be interested.
David Clements , Lexington, Virginia
We have used this program with patients during their vision therapy curriculum at our office. The response has been overwhelming with patient, parent, therapist and doctor all noticing significant increases with reading and comprehension speed. It has been a huge tool to add to our practice to insure our patient’s success.
Dr. Habermehl, OD, FCOVD, Flint, Michigan