The importance of reading cannot be emphasized strongly enough. Communication was forever transported beyond the norm by the advent of the written word.  It was another way to communicate, thereby socializing the population in a whole new manner, adding much more detail and texture to interactions.  As civilization evolved, the whole of human knowledge was being written and read.

More than communication is at hand.  Reading can be an escape, an adventure, or a new world, or even a vacation from reality.  Stress can be greatly reduced by the act of reading, as it quiets the mind.  Many lonely children have found that reading strengthened them during times of hardship and gave them new purpose.  People often find that a good book is a good friend. 

Reading can also stimulate the mind to higher creative thought.  A person may read something that opens the door to far greater detail of an idea.  One single thought can be expanded upon, creating a new entity.  It could be a book, or an invention, or a medical cure.   Surely it was a thing that did not exist before, then with a flash like electricity, it did exist.

Reading is a way of life for the luckiest among us. Reading and learning does not stop after formal schooling has ended.  What formal schooling really has taught us is to read for our own pleasure and edification.  Reading leads to learning which leads to thinking.  As long as we keep reading, we keep growing in a healthy manner.

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