Everyone knows that non-fiction reading is a great way to expand our knowledge base and learn all kinds of information.  What about fiction reading?  Does reading’s importance diminish if someone is just reading a novel and not actively learning academic subject matter?

A recent article in Medical News Today entitled, “Reading a Novel Triggers Lasting Changes in the Brain” details a study conducted by Emory University where students were given a novel to read and MRI scans were performed before and after reading.  The findings were interesting, according to the Medical News Today article,

“The researchers observed heightened connectivity in the left temporal cortex, which is an area of the brain linked to receptivity for language.

Berns explains that this heightened connectivity remained, even though the students were not reading the book while they were being scanned.”

Reading changes your brain in a way that lasts for days, and scientists speculate that if you are reading something that truly engages and impacts you on a personal level, the changes in your brain could last even longer. Keeping your brain active is an important benefit to even fun, casual fiction reading that you do as a leisure activity.

If you don’t feel like you have time for casual reading, you might be surprised how you could train your brain to read and process information more quickly.  If you could read a novel more quickly you would probably be more interested in reading. Please Contact us to find out how you can drastically improve your reading speed and efficiency.