President John F. Kennedy was not only a prominent leader of the United States. He was also a prominent speed reader, with his ability to read six newspapers before breakfast concluded. He could read about 10 times faster than the average adult can read, which is about 300 words per minute (wpm). Readers are leaders, and JFK’s reading speed undoubtedly contributed to his success in life and leadership.

Check out these INCREDIBLE statistics that reveal much about reading speed and the importance of speed reading.

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  • Third-grade students can read 150 wpm, and eighth-grade students can read about 250 wpm. A love of reading and information starts early in life. Even children can start on a path toward becoming speed readers, but typically people pick up speed as they get to be older students.
  • The average college student can read 450 wpm, and the average college professor can read 675 wpm. This is definitely better than the average of 300 wpm for adults but not quite to the level where speed readers are. With all the information people in the college setting need to read and evaluate, speed reading is a critical skill.
  • An average high-level executive can read 575 wpm. People working in these types of positions must read a great deal of content in their daily jobs. This includes reports, books, professional magazines, and emails, just to name a few. Again, readers are leaders, and executives reach their pinnacle of success partly because of their ability to read so quickly.
  • Speed readers can breeze through 1,500 wpm, but they didn’t get there by accident. They reached that point through practice and speed reading training. Being a speed reader is not just for a select few. Anyone can get to this point.
  • The six-time world speed reading champion is Anne Jones from the UK. She can read a staggering 4,700 wpm and got through Harper Lee’s novel Go Set a Watchman in only 25 minutes and 31 seconds. Talk about lightning fast!

Speed reading isn’t just for U.S. presidents and literary Brits. Anyone can learn to speed read, and this skill is ideal for college students who are setting out with high hopes of a lifetime of success. In fact, speed reading is essential for college students in today’s information age. Your student can test themselves to discover their current reading speed, and then pursue high-quality speed reading training. The words will be jumping off the pages before you know it.

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