We partner with various organizations which help us further our mission to enhance and inspire human potential at home, at work, or at school. Read below to learn about our relationships with these unique partners.

Dr. Melissa

Open-Label Research Study

We have partnered with Dr. Melissa Lopez-Larson in an open-label research study. The study will test the hypothesis that “the eyeQ reading and brain activity enhancement training may play a role in more effectively decreasing anxiety and depression while increasing self-esteem and motivation in children and teens when coupled with direct mental health therapy.”

Dr. Melissa is committed to advancing mental health and well-being through purpose-driven philanthropy. She has expanded her own personal humanitarianism over the years to local and global philanthropic efforts with organizations that realize that supporting the mental health of a nation requires thoughtful deliberation and vision.

If you are interested in learning more or having your child, age 10-18 participate in our research, please send an email to sally@drlsquared.com as soon as possible as we are opening this up to 50 children on a first come first-served basis. 


Please include in your email:

   -Participant age, name, email (required to receive copy of eyeQ®) and phone number

   -Parent name, email and phone number


We believe eyeQ could be revolutionary in improving emotional health and wellbeing, learning, increasing confidence, reducing anxiety and depression. We look forward to engaging with you and your children on this important, potentially game-changing research study!