One of the most important parts of homework management is writing essays. The most common problem when writing essays is procrastination, but this doesn’t have to be a problem. By using different steps to write your essay, you can take one big assignment and make it into a few easy assignments.

Plan and Research- Decide ahead of time what your topic will be and what sources you will use for your essay. Begin researching during this step so that you will already have a list of resources before you begin writing your essay.

Outline- Your outline can be whatever you want it to be. You can use a traditional outline with roman numerals and plan out every single part of the essay, or you can just make notes about the points you want to make and the order you want to use. Choose whatever works for you, but don’t skip this step. Creating an outline will make writing your essay much easier.

Draft- Writing a rough draft is as simple as typing. Just look at your outline and write whatever comes to mind about your topic points. Most likely, your writing won’t be great in your draft, but that is what revisions are for.

Revise- Look through your draft and revise anything that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t belong. Rearrange the order of the paragraphs to make everything more organized. Once you have done these big revisions, fix any grammar or punctuation mistakes.

Peer/Teacher Review- Have someone you know and trust read through your essay. You could choose a classmate, professor, or someone in the university writing center. Having another set of eyes look at your essay can show you what won’t make sense to your reader.

Plan to start these steps way before your essay is due, and you can guarantee that your essay will be great. For more homework management advice, please contact us.