Does your child struggle to get their homework done? Well, one way that you can improve their abilities to sit down and get it done is with some Homework management by setting up a space that allows them to focus and concentrate on the work ahead of them. Here’s how to do this:

  • Choose the Right Spot: There are two places in which setting up some space for homework should be considered. In the end, the choice you make on location should depend upon your child’s personality. If your child is a self-motivator and easily distracted by noise, then their room is the best place for a homework set up. However, if your child needs constant reminders to settle down and focus, or help from you with certain homework problems, then the best location may be the living room where you can keep your eye on them and be readily available.
  • The Right Furniture: Once a homework area is designated, you want to be sure that they are working at a desk that is of proper height for them. You should consider an adjustable chair, as well. This will ensure that your child can sit comfortably for long periods of time.
  • Task Lighting: The homework space in which your child works needs adequate lighting and this type of lighting is called “task lighting.” This lighting is bright and illuminates the desk properly so that your child’s eyes focus on what is in front of them, rather than on other things that are around the desk.
  • Removal of Clutter: Once homework is done for the day, the desk should be completely removed of clutter. All crumpled papers, books, drinks, and more should be taken care of to ensure that when your child returns to the work space the next day, they can focus right away instead of having to worry about clearing clutter that can become distracting.

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