Jeffrey C. Flamm
CEO, Infinite Mind

Jeffrey C. Flamm, the founder and President of Infinite Mind, LLC, graduated from Weber State University with a degree in Business Administration and Management. Mr. Flamm sits on a number of boards, including the American Parkinson’s Disease Association and the Flamm Family Foundation.

Prior to the foundation of Infinite Mind, Mr. Flamm and his business partner, Ronald C. Gunnell, formed Health Benefits America, or HBA. HBA managed benefits for many Fortune 500 companies, and Mr. Flamm served as Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer up until 2006 until Automatic Data Processing, or ADP, acquired HBA. Currently, he works as a registered representative with Sterling Financial in Salt Lake City. Because of the demands of his work, he understands the need for mental capacity and performance.

Mr. Flamm and his team developed eyeQ to improve brain function by teaching users how to read more quickly and comprehend more of what they read. eyeQ does this successfully and has helped people all around the world improve their daily lives.


Bryan Green

Bryan Green
COO, Infinite Mind

Bryan Green is the COO/CMO at Infinite Mind. In this role, he interfaces with every part of the company and loves the diversity this role provides. He also loves working with the marketing and software development teams to create products and campaigns that impact people. During his time at the company, he has directed the transition of the product from CD-ROM to online, and now to a mobile app. He has become an expert in the Infinite Mind training methodology and believes strongly in its potential to enhance the lives of those who use it.

Bryan loves to teach. He shares his passion for the Infinite Mind product, as well as his passion for learning and achievement. He earned his BA in Mass Communication from the University of Utah, and his MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Bryan is a devoted family man. Whether he is working in the yard or is out on an adventure, he loves to have his wife and children with him. He enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and baking. During the COVID pandemic, he created two sourdough starts which he named “Terrence” and “Eckbert”. He says there is nothing as comforting as fresh-baked bread.


Steve Hall

Steve Hall
CTO, Infinite Mind

Steve Hall is the CTO at Infinite Mind, working with the Operations, Marketing, Sales and Development teams to promote Infinite Mind’s online and mobile application services. Through his leadership, the company has propelled it’s online web applications into many new markets, integrating with some of the largest universities and school districts in the nation as well as some up-and-coming modern learning platforms. He has spent the last few years with Infinite Mind modernizing the company’s web application platform, introducing several critical features to the application, and building out the many service components onto a high-availability AWS platform supporting thousands of users.

Steve believes in Infinite Mind’s products and methodologies which improve brain function, increase reading speeds and everyday comprehension. He is highly motivated by the thought of creating software and technology services to help people improve their lives and increase their confidence.

Steve has worked with many Fortune 500 companies throughout his career. Over the course of 24+ years working in the field, he has worked in many capacities, starting as a “Webmaster” at Novell during the height and boom of the Internet. He has seen his skills grow and expand rapidly and has kept ahead of the technology wave by study and experimentation with new advances. He was first recognized for his web development skills and hired onto Novell’s internal web development team supporting the entire company’s web development. From there, he was contacted and hired by a consulting firm who needed specific skills with multimedia and programming expertise. During approximately a 10 year period, he was exposed to and became proficient at a wide variety of web and enterprise-level technologies and solutions. He has worked for the NFL, building out one of the first NFL Fantasy Draft implementations. He developed a forward-thinking video upload and annotation system for one of the larger online universities in the nation. Steve has also played key roles in project managing, consulting and architecting the management platform of a billion-dollar insurance company and large logistics and transportation organizations.

In his free time, Steve loves to travel, explore Utah, hiking rock crawling, gem hunting and tinkering at the computer. In a previous life and early 20s, Steve was the drummer for a local band, seen playing at private parties, weddings and local bars and venues. Although he’s since given up on the rock star dream, Steve can be found playing along to his favorite music, often improvising ferociously, several times a week.

Steve holds an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Multimedia from Broadview University (formerly Utah Career College). He has also received several awards recognizing him as an integral part of the successful implementation of enterprise-level systems, supporting thousands of users and representing millions of dollars of revenue.