Infinite Mind CEO – Jeffery C. Flamm


Jeffrey C. Flamm, the founder and President of Infinite Mind, LLC, graduated from Weber State University with a degree in Business Administration and Management. Mr. Flamm sits on a number of boards, including the American Parkinson’s Disease Association and the Flamm Family Foundation.

Prior to the foundation of Infinite Mind, Mr. Flamm and his business partner, Ronald C. Gunnell, formed Health Benefits America, or HBA. HBA managed benefits for many Fortune 500 companies, and Mr. Flamm served as Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer up until 2006 until Automatic Data Processing, or ADP, acquired HBA. Currently, he works as a registered representative with Sterling Financial in Salt Lake City. Because of the demands of his work, he understands the need for mental capacity and performance.

Mr. Flamm and his team developed eyeQ to improve brain function by teaching users how to read more quickly and comprehend more of what they read. eyeQ does this successfully and has helped people all around the world improve their daily lives.