eyeQ™ by Infinite Mind is America’s best-selling speed reading and learning enhancement product.

This patented software program has over 1 million users in the U.S. alone. It is guaranteed to help you double your reading speed in 90 days. It can be found in homes, schools, universities and businesses across the country. This is because the eyeQ™ program is founded in scientific research and is specifically designed to enhance reading and learning in its users.

eyeQ™ was developed over 30 years. Scientific studies have shown that our technology dramatically increases brain activity. This increase improves the mind’s learning capacity. It increases critical brain functions such as reading speed, comprehension, memory, focus, and overall mental and visual acuity.


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In schools, students who use the eyeQ program increase their scores on standardized tests by an average of 20%. Many students exceed this average. We have found that this product is beneficial for all student demographics within the classroom: accelerated learning, remedial reading, English Language Learners, low income, special needs, ADD/ADHD and more. In our studies, all student demographics have seen dramatic improvements in the subjects of Language Arts, Math and Science as a result of using eyeQ.

eyeQ online is our newest version of the eyeQ program. Now, as an internet-based program, users can logon with a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device, and experience the same technology as the CD-ROM program.

Try it in your home to see why Lifetime Television’s show “The Balancing Act” has chosen us as America’s Reading Program of Choice.