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eyeQ is the most effective speed reading software for graduate level students. We reduce the amount of time required to read and study course material, and increase performance on tests by up to 20%. eyeQ has been used by students in over 1,000 schools and universities.

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What We Do

We train your brain to be more effective at reading, processing, and utilizing information.

Why We’re Different

We utilize a combination of speed reading, vision therapy and mental stimulation exercises.

Why You Should Care

It’s not just speed. It’s not just comprehension. It’s a total brain experience.

You’re in good company. Some of our users include:

  • I thought I was a fairly quick reader before, but I have noticed my reading speed has gone up since starting this program... Hopefully I can stay in the habit of taking a few minutes a day to just focus on one little exercise to increase my focus and my reading speed and comprehension.

    J. Perry Student, CSU East Bay



edu1Speed Reading Training

Read and comprehend faster

Get through homework, understand course material, eliminate test anxiety resulting from time constraints.

edu2Vision Therapy

Train your eyes to take in more information at once.

Increase study effectiveness.

edu3Mental Stimulation

Left, right training and chanllenging mental exercises activate areas of the brain responsible for memory, conceptual learning, retention, and reasoning.

Students will be able to read, understand and respond to test questions in a shorter time, with greater effectiveness.

edu4Short Daily Training

Easily add eyeQ to your current curriculum.

Increase the effectiveness of each classroom and study session.


Track progress, and measure results.

You can see the immediate impact of the eyeQ training on students’ critical skills such as reading and comprehension.


Access eyeQ from most devices with an internet connection.

Integrate with any classroom environment, whether you use tablet and mobile devices or desktop and laptop computers. Or, assign eyeQ as homework.

edu7Guided Training

eyeQ guides you through each critical skill for enhancing reading, comprehension and brain strength.

Educators and tutors don’t have to spend time creating new curriculum. The system guides students through each new learning concept.

edu8Customized Progress

Multiple reading levels, adaptive training based on student’s indivdual progress.

Students receive individualized training based on reading level and reading pace. They will advance as quickly as they are able to.

edu9Improved Accuracy

Get a realistic understanding of each students reading ability.

Identify and address reading issues for struggling students on an individual basis.

Read Faster. Live Better.

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